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“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” -Albert Einstein
Today’s market and economic uncertainty is stretching and testing the leadership and management talents of business executives. Every CEO today is working hard to ensure his or her company’s survival through this next year and capitalize on the turn-around of the economy. This requires a great deal of knowledge and skill in managing through change, transition, ambiguity, and ricocheting expectations. Smart leaders are actively seeking ways to assess and strengthen not only their company’s operational capabilities, but also their own management capabilities. They are also active in developing the skills and abilities of their executive team to drive for higher levels of performance. In addition, they actively seek to identify and address key “hot spots” within their companies that, left unattended, can become much larger problems.

The Joyner Group is a leading Northwest based organizational development consulting firm that specializes in working with the management team and Boards of companies coping with rapid change. We have experience working with start-ups as well as more mature companies, during fast growth cycles and economic downturns, and assisting with the dislocations that occur due to restructures, transitions, and mergers and acquisitions.

We understand that businesses are being challenged today to do more with more targeted resources. This frugal use of resources, rapid market changes, and stressful conditions often lead to conflict and tension during times when teamwork is crucial. Management teams face an array of difficult decisions and issues such as: changing the business model and getting buy-in, developing the management team, building relationships with new executives, cultural resets and sustaining employee morale, getting cross-functional teams to work together, and developing middle management bench strength.

We have a suite of services particularly relevant in today’s business climate – they are designed to help the CEO and his or her executive team to maximize management performance, and in turn, affect the performance of their direct reports. Our advisory and coaching services have assisted many CEOs in building capabilities and shaping an effective response to a full array of business challenges, while capitalizing on new opportunities. Strengthening “survival and leadership skills” occurs through a process of assessment, feedback, focused planning and identification of development areas, and targeted coaching. This approach applies to our work with Board members, the CEO, and other key executives, and becomes an ongoing management process improvement model.

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Consulting fees are based on the range of services a company would want to consider and are offered at a day or project rate. We would be delighted to talk to you further regarding our services.

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