Results – Case Studies

Defining Cultures for Successful Acquisitions

Challenge A highly successful mid-market IT consulting company, Saber Consulting, was embarking on its first major acquisition. They were absorbing the public sector division of Covansys, which would double the size of Saber and expand its service offerings.  The acquisition had a number of challenges:  the size, the location of the primary Covansys facility, the […]

Lack of Bench Strength to Support Organizational Growth

Challenge The owners of a technology furniture manufacturing company realized that there was no succession plan in place to transition the business. The organization was flat, and the owners had a firm grasp on all aspects of the business which slowed decision making and minimized ownership throughout the organization. The Joyner Group was brought it […]

Rapid Growth Slowing Productivity and Straining Resources

Challenge When a small non-profit company started experiencing substantial growth, the Executive Director quickly realized they were at risk with a fragile infrastructure, underdeveloped leadership, and unclear focus and fractioning within the organization. The Joyner Group was brought in to assist the organization in positioning itself to successfully grow the business by identifying key organizational […]

Retaining, Protecting Key Executive Resources

Challenge The executive team of an international pharmaceutical company realized that the stress and workloads resulting from current competitive and economic challenges were eroding both the health and performance of essential executive team members. This was recognized as a serious threat to key strategic initiatives, competitiveness, retention of key executive resources, and team performance. The […]

Pace and Workloads Impacting Morale and Productivity

Challenge The SVP of HR for one of Silicon Valley’s most successful communication chip manufacturers realized that the intense pace and pressures resulting from their booming business, global competition, acquisitions, and aggressive goals were affecting the moral and productivity of their team. She decided to proactively provide training in Active Adaptation (change management) as well […]

Build, Buy or Sell

Challenge After a successful launch and sustained growth, a Seattle-based software technology company providing billing and management services for corporate law departments had hit a plateau. The executive management team brought us in to help them determine their market opportunities and whether or not they should focus on organic growth or if they should try […]

Managing Organic Growth

Challenge The CEO of one of the largest wholesaler of organic product in the Northwest brought us in to help determine where the future growth strategy was in the market and if he had the right team to achieve large growth. The Joyner Group conducted in-depth assessments with internal and external stakeholders to understand the […]

Running Out of Oxygen

Challenge With a change in the economy, an early stage Healthcare Software company asked The Joyner Group to help the company realign and focus in order to survive the shift. The Joyner Group conducted a business assessment within 30 days with recommendations on streamlining the business. Once the executives and board had bought off on […]

Overcoming a Growth Plateau

Challenge The founders and executives of a privately-held, rapidly growing credit card specialty services company brought us in when they hit a growth plateau. After achieving 300% growth for five years, they had stalled and needed help in determining their path forward. Their choices were continued growth or acquisition. Working with the company over several […]

Executive Team Scalability

Challenge In their pursuit to take their company public, the CEO and the board of an interactive TV technology company brought The Joyner Group in to help them identify the barriers to building the structure needed for a public company. We conducted an intensive executive leadership audit, identifying core strengths and weaknesses of each team […]

Rising Competitive Threat and Unaligned Team

Challenge When a new CEO was brought in to help re-focus a design tools software company and prevent it from being overtaken by an industry partner entering the market, he quickly realized he was not only up against the competition, but also an unaligned team. He knew that if he couldn’t get the group on […]
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