Leadership Acceleration

The Joyner Group gives leaders a new perspective and an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day worries to focus on long-term goals and impassioned visions.  In addition, The Joyner Group provides ongoing coaching and reflection, helping leaders find new and more effective ways to address issues and manage team members.  Through our methodology and insight, we assist leaders in understanding their strengths, their value, and their style and approach in leading and inspiring performance.

The Joyner Group helps leaders LEAD with passion, focus, and clarity and engage the critical people talent in their organizations to, in turn, manage and work with the same level of commitment.  Below are some of our Leadership Acceleration offerings:

Leadership Acceleration


  • Executive Development and Coaching

  • Development Workshops and Training

  • Team Stress Assessment and High Performing Teams

360° Leadership Assessment

Using a structured approach of assessment tools and one-on-one interviews we create a picture of the leadership capacity of the company to support growth and change.  Our work includes providing an assessment of individual leaders and whether there are opportunities to leverage existing capacity/skills or gaps that need to be addressed, then offering a leadership development roadmap on how to act on the recommendations.

Executive Development and Coaching

The Joyner Group Executive Development Process helps executives become better leaders through personal development and growth. Our approach begins with defining development objectives and critical success factors for the role with the executive. Using data collected from both assessments as well as one-on-one feedback we compile a report that enables executives to understand their strengths and development areas. We then work together to create a development plan, identify resources, and provide ongoing consultation and coaching to ensure growth in identified areas.

Development Workshops and Training

We offer a range of workshops to help develop the capabilities and capacity of your leaders, teams, and employees.  Samplings of our workshops are Understanding and Building Teams; Managing Conflict: A Collaborative Approach; Interviewing Skills; Understanding Communication Styles for Better Teamwork.

Team Stress Assessment and High Performing Teams

Increasing stress can drain your employees, impact their abilities and negatively affect creativity.  Using a prescriptive approach we conduct an assessment to determine the level of stress in the leadership team and/or organization; then through training and facilitated discussion we help the team discover how they can apply the techniques of active adaptation to their environment and turn what have been obstacles into competitive advantages.

High-performance teams start with executives who understand their communication styles and their impact on others. Laying that belief as our foundation, we have built a team-development model that examines the key criteria for high performance and emphasizes effective communication, shared vision, and joint problem solving as essential elements.

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