Organizational Development

The Joyner Group understands that all organizations are dynamic and evolving.  Through our methodology,  insight and experience, we assist leaders with a deliberate, planned and holistic approach to their organizational values, structure and design to increase effectiveness and efficiency.  The goal of our organizational development work is to support companies and their talent in achieving strategic goals.

The Joyner Group helps companies prepare for growth, opportunities, and coming changes, and then be able to manage the complex operational, organizational and workforce transitions to the desired end state. Below are some of our Organizational Development offerings:

Organizational Development

  • 360° Organizational Assessment





360° Organizational Assessment

 Using a structured approach of assessment tools and one-on-one interviews we create a picture of the organizational capacity of the company to support growth and change.  Our work includes providing an assessment of leaders and functional areas and whether there are opportunities to leverage existing capacity/skills/processes or gaps that need to be addressed, then offering a organizational development roadmap on how to act on the recommendations.

Organizational Design and Mapping

Working with your leadership team with the context of understanding your strategic plan and key initiatives we can help re-design the organizational structure to better achieve the objectives and goals.  We will also build a map of the key competencies that are required for each identified role to ensure success.

Performance Management Strategy and Program Development

Working with the executive leaders and HR team we will develop a comprehensive performance management strategy and program using our framework to create alignment between the leaders, HR and the employees to support the company’s strategic plan and key goals.  The program can include the organizational assessment, a review of the organizational structure, creating job profiles and competencies, 360° Performance management, training, coaching and career path or succession planning.

Succession Planning

As baby-boomers start to retire from executive suites, managerial offices, and specialized or technical jobs, the question of who will take their places becomes ever more pressing. This loss of valuable institutional memory makes it critical for a company to have a strong succession program.  The Joyner Group will help the leadership team and HR organization build a sustainable process for succession planning that is integrated to the strategic planning process; then help create an approach for identifying and developing talent for the key roles.

Job Profiles and Competencies

Key to an organization’s ability to scale is identifying and cultivating competencies with company talent to drive success.  Using select competency and skills strengths systems we help create a process for identifying the necessary competencies for all key roles and the resulting development plans.
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